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SBC Development

SBC Development

SBC Development

Build Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone SBC based fully functional products with firmware and required supported hardware. We use the Linux operating system to build high performing systems.

Every Single Board Computer has its own pros and cons, and when it is time to choose an operating system, we’ve got even more features and Capabilities to take into account.

Raspberry Pi SBC

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based SBC (Single Board Computer). Raspberry Pi runs Debian-based GNU/Linux OS Raspbian with many other OS ports available.


BeagleBone SBCs are high-performance, low-power boards that feature Android, Ubuntu and other Linux flavors.

Why we use Linux for SBC Embedded development?

We use Linux as it has a wealth of options on SBCs. Since Linux offers high performance with low price and low power, it’s the most desired OS for embedded computers

Get in touch with us if you’re in a plan to build SBC based product!