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Product Design

Product Design

Product Design

Design your product with custom electronic circuit. We design PCB, Develop Hardware followed by simulation and analysis. We follow complete product engineering process right from conceptualization to delivery. 

Kirtan Technologies - an electronic engineering company is all set to offer circuit board design services for your product. With more than 9 years of experience in development and manufacturing of various types of PCB – analog and digital, single and double-sided and multilayer. Experience our PCB layout services at expert level.

Solutions we offer as a PCB design company

Businext draws on its end-to-end transformation capabilities, as well as core strengths in management consulting, technology, analytics and outsourcing to help companies and businesses address these isssues.
Design of various types of PC boards
Hardware simulation, analysis and modeling
EMI / EMC Safety Compliance
Analogue, digital, high-frequency one/two-sided PCBs Multilayer boards

Our Product Engineering process:

Product Conceptualization
Product Implementation and Design
Product Prototyping
Product Testing and Validation

Work with us to experience best in class product engineering services with quick turnaround time of development, while maintaining all quality standards.