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BLE Development

BLE Development

BLE Development

We offer Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5 solutions, including BLE. Leverage Kirtan's flexible Bluetooth 5 protocol stack today to develop your product. BLE and Beacons have been a game changer in Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

BLE / Beacon Development Services we offer:
With BLE technology, we can create end-less possibilities for innovative product development. Since BLE sensors have a huge potential to measure accurate data and transmitting the same without any error.
Beacons Firmware Engineering
Validation & QA of Beacon Products
BLE Beacons Development
Beacons API Development
Beacon Apps setup and configuration

We’ve gotten the best solutions

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2017 Travel Study

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A forecasting and planning solution that helps the restaurant industry build a highly accurate inventory and sales forecast

Let’s have a look at some Practical Applications Use Cases

Best for Location-Based tasks
Home or Building Automation
Smart Locks for Doors and Windows
BLE Wireless ECG Monitoring System
Smart Wallet
Automatic Payments through Beacon

Customer Service
In Store / Building way finding