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Automation Solution

Automation Solution

Automation Solution

We offer a wide range of automation and manufacturing solutions in the country. Our major Automation solutions portfolio includes Home Automation, Industry Automation. We help our customers to meet the world’s most critical needs with our industry-tailored experience and solutions to work for them

Our turnkey Automation Services

  1. Redesign and scale Existing Automation Products
  2. Write Firmware & Software of Automation Devices
  3. Testing of Home / Industrial Automation Products
  4. Mobile App and Cloud Integration with Hardware Products
  5. Complete Automation Product Development through a partner ecosystem

Build Smart Homes and Intelligent Industry

When we talk about smart homes it’s in true sense smart, These days smart homes have become more of necessity than the status quo. With technological advancement, Consumers are adopting smart home products with features like home security and control, Energy saving, Voice and app controls, interconnected devices and much more.

Intelligent industries are equipped with most advanced IoT and process improvement technologies. This industry evolution is intended to obtain a faster and more efficient production process

A glimpse on some of our Projects

  1. X-Ray Machine equipped with most recent technologies
  2. Single phase motor protection instrument
  3. Media player for the 3D Holographic Display
  4. Raspberry Pi based Touch HMI
  5. Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for transmission of grader machine (TECU)
  6. Modbus RTU Master to REST gateway over Wi-Fi
  7. Garage door automation